L'Oasi Marina di Caorle
In the northern Adriatic Sea there are underwater rocks made of biogenic carbonate and known with the name “Tegnue” . These rocks can be found also in the sea of Caorle. These habitats are very important because they increase the species of animals and plants that live in the sea, and in the same time offer nourishment and protection for the reproduction. It is important to underline that these structures, because of their great biologic and naturalistic value, but also for their vulnerability, need specific protection programmes.

The local fishermen and the members of the divers team have been the promoters of the establishment of a dedicated protected area.

With a decree dated 16.12.2004 (GU n. 8 del 12.01.2005) the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, on proposal of the town council of Caorle, has established the protected area called "Area Tegnue di Porto Falconera". For Caorle’s Tegnue, the creation of this protected area ( ZTB) represents an unique occasion not only to examine closely the scientific aspects related to this particular habitats , but also to start an experimentation of an integrated management that has the aims of protecting the area, allowing in the same time a correct use and representing an instrument of popularizing the importance of the environmental education.

When the office of the civil engineers, responsible for the management of the sea and beaches which are State property, gave the authorization on the 18.03.2005, the town council of Caorle started the project related to this area. It consisted in a research on the type of shoals, in the creation of a delimitation of the area, and in the construction and positioning of underwater structures for the protection. In the same time a lot of educational material has been created, and the way of colonization of the underwater structures is constantly under control.

The sea oasis represents a richness also for the divers, who have the possibility of diving into this paradise. To get access to this area it is necessary to contact the municipal office or the local divers team under www.grupposommozzatoricaorle.com or www.oasimarina.it - please send an e-mail.