Near Caorle
Caorle is the starting point, ideal to combine a holiday that spans between the sea and discover the beauty of the Veneto and nearby Friuli Venezia Giulia.

VENICE (60km)
It is possible to reach Venice, one of the most visited cities in the world and situated only 60km from Caorle, by bus, by boat or by using your own car.

The city of Venice, which has been declared by the Unesco as cultural heritage of the mankind, is built on the lagoon.

A city completely dedicated to culture in all its several expressions. It is possible to admire these expressions of art first of all in the various museums and majestic palaces, where masterpieces by artists as Jacopo Tintoretto, G. B. Tiepolo, Tiziano, Veronese, Bellini, Giorgione, and many others, are preserved.

Walking through the small and characteristic paths and bridges of the city, it is very easy to come across churches and monuments, and the most important of all is surely the Basilica of San Marco. The Basilica with its golden mosaics, that tell the story of the Republic of Venice, overlooks the square with the same name. Modern and contemporary art have also their space in this context, because here in Venice it is possible to admire the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and than every two years the worldwide known exhibition called “Biennale” takes place. The city is also known as perfect place where it is possible to listen to classical music and opera in the “Theatre la Fenice” and the “Theatre Malibran”. Many are the traditional festivities celebrated in Venice. The carnival with its very ancient tradition has the power to transform the St. Mark’s square in a giant theatre, embellished by the elegant and marvellous masks. The climax of the Venetian carnival is represented by the „Volo della Colombina“ (Angel’s flight). The other typical festivities are the “Historical Regatta”, the “Festa della Sensa“ and the “Festa del Redentore”.
VERONA (190km)
Known for concerts and plays are held in the beautiful arena, home to the renowned areas of the lovers Romeo and Juliet.
TREVISO (74km)
Medieval town center across from the picturesque and surrounded by canals and bridges.
PADOVA (116km)
Famous for the magnificent Basilica of St. Anthony, to Prato della Valle, one of the biggest squares in Europe, the Basilica degli Scrovegni where you can admire the frescoes of Giotto.
VICENZA (140km)
Defined as the city of Palladio for numerous architecture (Palladian villas) that materialize.
The hinterland of Caorle, in particular in the area is rich in Lison-Pramaggiore cellars which at certain times of the year open their doors to visits by tourists, with possibility to buy directly and taste the excellent wines produced.
Ancient Roman colony, full of historical, museums and archaeological trails.
Medieval city with many historic and museums and a quaint old town.