The apartment object of the contract is rented only for tourist purposes, in conformity to art.1 paragraph 2 letter C, law no. 431/98.

The reservation can be made directly at one of our agencies by phone , fax, e-mail or by internet. It is definitely confirmed only on receipt of the “Booking Confirmation”, that ABITA Agency will send by post, e-mail or even hand over personally to the client, immediately after having received the deposit. The part-payment has to be sent within 10 days after the booking. With this payment the guest declares his acceptance of the following rent conditions.

Soon after booking, an account corresponding to 30% of the rent price will be requested. The balance, 70%, with the additions of the extra obligatory and optional charges, has to be paid on arrival. Guests can choose among different ways of payment: paying personally the account to the local Abita Office or by making a bank transfer (Banca Friuladria Credit Agricole CODE IBAN : IT18 R062 3036 0200 0001 5327 266). The settlement, besides the extra obligatory and optional charges, must be paid on arrival, at the same time by showing the requested documents. Guests will be given the keys of the flat only after having settled up.

The deposit will not be given back under any circumstances. Should the guest be forced to cancel the reservation, he must inform in writing the agency at least 8 weeks before the beginning of his stay. Otherwise, shouldn't the apartment be rented again, the guest must also settle up the rest. In case the client decide to leave the flat before the day fixed for the departure, ABITA Agency will not refund neither the rent or the extra charges paid.

The arrival must be on the fixed date, between 15.30 p.m. and 18.30 p.m. (summer time). In case of delay the client is kindly requested to inform in advance the local Abita Agency. Otherwise the apartment will be kept at disposal just for one more day, after which the agency has the right to rent it again, with the above mentioned consequences for the guest (see point 4). On arrival all the occupants are requested to show the identification papers.

It’s absolutely forbidden to host a higher number of people above the number of beds available in the apartment. On this regard, the children are considered as adults. Only on request and always if allowed by the current regulation, Abita Agency can accept one extra person under payment of a surcharge. The presence, even if only occasional, of a higher number of people as indicated in the contract, will bring to the cancellation of the contract and the client will be obliged to pay a penalty. Pets are allowed only if authorized by the Abita Agency, and according to the rules of each residence. The use of personal stoves and heaters is not permitted. All guests must observe the regulations of each residence regarding rest hours, especially in the afternoon and at night.

All our apartments are fully furnished and supplied with stove or gas cookers, hot and cold water, electricity . For each bed a blanket is provided. Guests must only bring their own bed linen, table linen and bath linen. The matres-covers and the pillow-covers are not to be used as bed linen, otherwise a compensation for damage will be charged. Normally iron and hairdryer are not provided. When the flat is unattended the guests are kindly requested to remove from the garden or the terrace the chairs and the table and to roll up sun-shade curtains. It is not allowed to keep windows and doors opened while the air conditioning (where provided) is on. Should this occur part of the deposit will not be refunded. The guest must inform the local Abita Agency about any breakages and missing equipment within 24 hours from the receiving the keys. Should the agency not be informed, the costs will be charged to the client.

The apartment must be left free on the departure day, at the latest at 10.00 a.m. In order to allow Abita Staff to check the apartment condition and the cleaning, the departure must be during office hours. The departure at night or after office hours can also take place but only on request. In this case the agency can decide to keep the caution and to return it by post after having checked the apartment. The flat must be left free of rubbish, bottles, and kind of boxes, etc.. The saucepans must be clean, the cupboard shelves cleared out and the refrigerator empty and defrosted (please do not scrape and remove ice with pointed objects but use instead the defrost button - usually red - and leave the fridge door open). In case the flat shouldn't be left in order and cleaned, additional cleaning expenses will be charged.

The guest must take the utmost care of the apartment equipment (kitchenware, household appliances, mattresses etc.). Any damage will be charged at price list. As a guarantee for the observance of the above-mentioned rules, the guest will pay to Abita Agency the caution of Euro 100,00 on arrival This interest-free caution will be refunded after the apartment conditions have been checked.

Abita Agency operates as an intermediary between the guest and the owner of the flat. Abita Agency cannot be considered responsible for breakages, accidents, losses, delays and inconveniences in general that should take place in the flat. The agency will however help to solve any problem whereas possible. Any request of compensation for damages must be addressed to the owner of the flat through the Agency.

In case of unforeseen events, the Agency has the right to change the signed appartment with a similar one. Should this other appartment be more expensive, the extra cost will not be charged. The request of a particular appartment (number, floor, position, view, etc) is not allways garanteed (if not confermed in writing form by the agency). The description of the furnishing shown in the catalogue may undergo some change.

For any dispute will be competent the Court where the Abita Agency has the seat.

Agenzia Immobiliare ABITA
Via Pretoriana, 15 30021 Caorle - Venezia

Banca Friuladria Credit Agricole
CODE IBAN: IT18 R062 3036 0200 0001 5327 266

The reservation is definitely confirmed with the payment of an account of 30% of the total rent.With this payment the guest declares his acceptance of the Agenzia Abita's rent conditions.The payment has to be done within 10 days from the booking request.The balance of the rental price has to be payed to the Abita Agency on arrival for the delivery of the key of the accomodation.